An Act of Compassion

Why do I vote for Donald Trump? Good Question. As I am not political, I base my decision on moral values to the candidate that best aligns with Christ Jesus. Years ago, I ran a service call in Trump Plaza; the service elevator was busy because of individuals moving in. Security allowed me through the main entrance since I only carried a laptop computer and a small briefcase. After checking in at the front desk, I started walking towards the elevators when I noticed an overweight black man who appeared to have been polishing the floors being talked to. From what I could grasp, waiting for the elevator was that he was using the wrong cleaner or waxer, making the floor look worse. As I continued to wait for the elevator, I watched him appear almost to pass out; by the looks of him, life had treated him harshly, and being overweight, I could tell that he was becoming more distressed as the conversation continued. Then, I noticed another man join in; he appeared well dressed and appeared to first look at the overweight black man, then looked down at the floor. Within seconds, he turned to the individuals confronting the black man and said, pay him and get the floors redone, then he walked away. Without a doubt, it appeared that he saw what I had seen: a man who seemed to be living daily, trying to make a living, and struggling to work due to his weight, but most importantly, a man in distress. The man who ushered the order must have been in charge or very important because no one questioned him as he walked away. Later, after finishing my service call, as I was walking to my vehicle, I saw the black man sitting on the back doorstep of his beat-up van, crying, holding the check. What I witnessed was an act of compassion and kindness rarely seen. Years later, I recognized that man on TV. The man who showed such compassion was now known to me as Donald Trump. So, because of those past moments of witnessing, compassion, understanding, decision-making, and leadership, I had and will continue to vote for Donald.