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Servant of Christ –  Mission Statement

Servant of Christ Ministries started in 2008 when Christ Jesus’ words “follow me” finally ushered in complete abandonment of my life to follow my Lord and Savior wherever the path would lead. I was unprepared, even though I had a life of church service as a deacon, deacon moderator, Sunday School Teacher, Sunday School director, Evangelism Explosion Trainer, Billy Graham Crusader, etc. In addition, soon after, the trials from heeding the call began with some family members, friends, associates trying to persuade me to take a different path, along with other trails that shook me to my core. But “follow me” continued to speak even louder through those most desperate times, and the words “pick up your cross” became oh so relevant. Finally, in 2012, after years of continued study, I received my Gospel Ministry Certification. Through all those times until today, the “joy of the lord” has only increased. That joy comes from servanthood and keeps me and His ministry alive; it’s that overwhelming joy that I want all Christians to experience. So, the heart of the Servant of Christ is for all Christians to have that same joy and their own stories that bring praise to Christ Jesus. May Christ Jesus bless you and keep you close always. God Bless.

Gospel Minister

Joseph Rodick
Servant of Christ

Proverbs12:4 A good wife is her husband's pride and joy
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Gospel Ministries Certification