I continue to have this same question repeated over and over again. Is a personal ministry or corporate-based a true church of Christ Jesus? My answer may surprise you. My answer is either can or cannot be. A true church is purpose-driven, caring for the assembly, and having an active outreach program that fulfills the commission set forth by Christ Jesus. A true church heals, fortifies, strengthens, trains, and equips its members to boldly proclaim the Good News of Christ Jesus. The only problem I have found repeated is that personal ministry tends to enrich themselves by falling into Satan’s trap of greed. I believe a corporation that is deacon-based is the better choice. But in either case, if your church cares for the needy and is biblical purpose-driven to teach and equip its members to proclaim the Good News of Christ Jesus  by having an active outreach program, then YES, you are a member of the true church of Christ Jesus.